Wall-hung water heaters SUNSYSTEM MB NL PRL

High efficiency water heater for domestic hot water. Easy to use and reliable. Wall-hung, for bathroom installation.

For direct electric heating and indirect heating with added two parallel heat exchanger coils. This water heater may employ both electricity and a renewable energy source (solar collectors and biomass boiler).


Energy Efficiency

Aesthetic steel case

On and off button

Temperature indicator

Two-stage thermal protection


  • Directive 2010/30 /EU, Regulation 812/2013:
  • Class C for capacity from 150 to 200 liters;


  • 460 mm


100, 120  liters.


  • High efficiency insulation (DIN 4753-8): rigid PU, thickness 20 mm. External metal casing in white RAL 9003.
  • Water tank of low-carbon steel S235JR. Complex corrosion protection realized by means of titanium enamel (DIN 4753-3) and
    and two magnesium anodes (DIN 4753-6).
  • Thermometer.
  • Convenient inspection opening on the bottom of water tank.
  • Control panel: external thermostat control, light indicator.
  • Electric heating element: 2kW, 3kW.
  • Complex corrosion protection realized by means of titanium enamel and anode protection.
  • All threads are external. Available models with Left-side inlets/outlets or right-side inlets/outlets for convenient connection.
  • Easy installation.
  • Convenient inspection opening.
  • Two heat exchangers enables the tank to utilize an external sources of renewable energy, such as a solar system and a biomass boiler.
  • Optional kit for electric heating with nominal power 3kW, 4.5kW, 6kW or 7.5kW.


  MB NL PRL 100 MB NL PRL 120
Capacity L 100 120
Height Н, mm 960 1120
Diameter D, mm Ø 440 Ø 440
Insulation mm rigid PPU, thickness 20 mm.
Oper. pressure / max. temperature bar/0C 8/95 8/95
Test pressure of tank bar 13 13
Electric heating element (optional) kW 2/3 2/3
Weight kg 48 52
Cold water inlet A Rp 1/2” Rp 1/2”
Hot water outlet B Rp 1/2” Rp 1/2”
Operating pressure / Max.Coils temp. S1/S2 bar/0C 16/110 16/110
Test pressure S1/S2 bar 25 25
Coil capacity S1/S2 L 2.8/1.6 2.8/1.6
Heat exchange surface   S1/S2 m2 0.54/0.31 0.54/0.31
Lower coil inlet  S1 S1i, mm, Rp 3/4” 738 738
Lower coil outlet S1 S1o, mm, Rp 3/4” 141 141
Upper coil inlet S2 S2i, mm, Rp 3/4” 638 638
Upper coil outlet S2 S2o, mm, Rp 3/4” 258 258
Prolonged power acc. to DIN 4708;
80°C/60°C/45°C, S1
kW (m3/h) 9(0.22)/8(0.2) 9(0.22)/8(0.2)
NL – power coefficient at 60°C, S1/S2 NL 60°C 1.3/1 1.3/1
Pressure drop Δp, S1/S2 Δp, mbar 55/50 55/50
Inspection opening/Flange O, O1, Ø, mm 132/90 132/90
Anode P1, P2 Yes/Yes Yes/Yes
Thermostat T Yes Yes
Wall prop Х, mm Yes Yes
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