Pellet Stove BURNiT Advant B2

Available in the following capacities:

  • 13 kW
  • 18 kW
  • 25 kW

от 2 989,00 лв.

Pellet Stove BURNiT Advant B2 is a convenient heating solution. Does not require a separate boiler room. Pellet stove is easy to install, space-saving, equipped with convenient electronic control. Simplicity and elegance for a living room, a restaurant or a hotel lobby. Heated and decorated room overlooking the living fire.

The combustion chamber of pellet stove is protected by large surface heat-exchanger (water jacket). It contributes to better efficiency of pellet stove.

The BURNiT Advant B2 model is designed without decorative glass, with additional insulation on the water jacket, which allows mounting on a balcony or in a closet. This saves space and maintains optimum efficiency.


Clean and fuel-saving combustion.

Contemporary design. Colors: Burgundy, Light Ivory, Jet Black.

Intelligent controller.

Built-in pellet burner, fuel hopper, circulation pump and expansion vessel

The model is designed without decorative glass, with additional insulation on the water jacket, which allows mounting on a balcony or in a closet.


  • Directive 2010/30/EU, reglament 2015/1187

Recommended fuel

  • wood-pellets, diameter 6÷8 mm , EN ISO 17225-2:2014

Controller Functions

  • Settings of pellet fueling.
  • Controls the operation of central heating pump.
  • Controls the Operating Modes of pellet stove.
  • Weekly programmer.
  • Wi-Fi module. Operated by mobile application for Android or iOS.


  1. Controller
  2. Cover of pellet hopper
  3. Pellet hopper
  4. Door handle
  5. Ash container
  6. Pellet burner
  7. Power supply
  8. Decorative side panels
  9. Chimney
  10. Incoming-air tube
  11. Tube Cold water

Controller features

  • Installing and use simplicity.
  • Reliable and flexible functioning software.
  • Simple and direct user’s functions.
  • Advanced functions available for an authorized installer / service shop.
  • Connectors.
  • Exhausting Temperature Probe until 500°C.
  • Room Temperature Probe (option).
  • Stove Probe.
  • Pressure transmitter.

Technical characteristics

Advant B2 13 Advant B2 18 Advant B2 25
Nominal Power kW 13 kW 18 kW 25 kW
Heat power /reduced power/ kW 5,5 kW 7.1 kW 11 kW
Heat power Water mantle kW 11 15.5 21.5
Height H mm 900 950 1100
Width L/ Depth D mm 530/520 530/520 600/580
Volume of water jacket l 18 23 35
Expansion vessel volume l 8 8 8
Maximum working pressure bar 2 2 2
Recommended working pressure bar 1.2-1.3 1.2-1.3 1.2-1.3
Power supply voltage V/Hz/W 230/50/400 230/50/400 230/50/400
Capacity pellets hopper kg 12 13 25
Recommended fuel wood pellets, ø 6÷8 mm
/EN ISO 17225-2:2014/
Weight kg 120 140 180
Incoming-air tube, diameter mm ø50 ø50 ø50
Tube exhaust gas -Chimney connection mm ø80 ø80 ø80
Outlet water jacket Niplle 1” Niplle 1” Niplle 1”
Water jacket entrance Niplle 1” Niplle 1” Niplle 1”
Exhaust gas temperature <180 <180 <180
Average fuel consumption per hour kg/h 0.8 1.1 1.5
Burn time of full pellet hopper at max.power h 4.5 4 5
CO content calculated to 13% O2 i
n the flue gas at nominal heat output
h/kg 0,02% 0,02% 0,02%
Efficiency % 87.5 89 91.2
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