Hygienic combi tank SUNSYSTEM HYG BR – with coil

To produce and accumulate sanitary hot water and hot water for space-heating system.
Coil-in-Tank construction- Flexible stainless-steel coil for sanitary hot water +Buffer tank powering space-heating system.
Sanitary water heats up instantaneously as it flows through the large surface stainless coil. Thus water is delivered hot while still fresh and clean of depositions.
Allows utilization of up to three external heat sources and an optional electric heating element.


Energy Efficiency
Aesthetic PVC jacket
Easy installation
Convenient inspection opening
Optional kit for electric heating

Product Features:

  • Optional removable insulation with thickness 100mm and outer casing of  PVC with RAL 9006 color.

Insulation type available for all models: soft PU , fleece.

  • DHW tube of sanitary grade stainless steel, heats up instantaneously.
  • All threads are internal Inlet/Outlet arrangement – 90 angle degrees  for easy and convenient installation. Possible installation in the corner of boiler room.
  • Easy installation.
  • Convenient inspection opening.
  • Heat exchanger coil enables the unit to work with different heat sources.
  • Optional kit for electric heating with nominal power 3kW; 4.5kW ; 6kW and 7.5kW.

Modifications and sizes, L:

  • 500, 800, 1000, 1500

Energy Efficiency

  • Directive 2010/30 /EU, Regulation 812/2013:
  • Class D / E according to the insulation type, for capacity from 500 to 1000 Liters.


1 – Aesthetic PVC jack et with color RAL9006
2 – Highly efficient thermal insulation
3 – Water tank of low-carbon steel
4 – DHW tube of sanitary grade stainless steel
5 – Water stratification unit
6 – Safety valve, 8 bar
7 – Lower coil

Technical specifications


Capacity L 500 800 1000 1500
Capacity of water tank DHW / Buffer tank L1/l2 22/478 25/775 25/975 40/1460
Height without insulation / with insulation H, Hi, mm 1700/1750 1840/1890 2040/2090 2170/2220
Min. vertical clearance mm 1720 1865 2074 2262
Diameter without insulation / with insulation D, mm Ø 650/850 Ø 790/990 Ø 790/990 Ø 1000/1200
Heat exchange surface E, m2 5.5 6.11 6.11 9.9
Lower heat exchanger coil S1
Heat exchange surface
S1, m2 1.7 2.9 3.0 3.4
Lower heat exchanger coil – capacity S1 L 10.5 17.9 18.5 21.0
Heating power of the lower / upper coil
(from an additional heat source)
kW 37 72 75 91
Lower / Upper Productivity 80оС/60оС (from an additional heat source) L/h 1590 3095 3224 3912
Recommended Absorber Heat exchange surface of Solar Collectors m2 8.00 12.00 14.00 22.00
Operating pressure/Max. coil temperature bar/0C 16/110 16/110 16/110 16/110
Operating pressure / Max. buffer temp bar/0C 3/95 3/95 3/95 3/95
Operating pressure / Max. DHW tube temp. bar/0C 6/95 6/95 6/95 6/95
Weight without insulation / with insulation kg, kg i 142/154 188/204 210/228 331/354
Recommended boiler size, connected to
buffer tank
kW 44 75 75 114
Continuous outflow 10/45°C, buffer tank is charged to 65°C Е, 10/45°C,
1080 1840 1840 2800
Continuous outflow 10/38°C, buffer tank is charged to 65°C. Е, 10/38°C,
1350 2300 2300 3500
Single discharge capacity up to 38°C (when the buffer is charged to 65°C) Е,38°C, L 375 580 790 1150
ΔT -temperature difference between buffer tank and
DHW at flow rate  30/40/50 liters/minute..
Е, ΔT 6.8.12 3.5/5/8 3.5/5/8 2/3/5
Water stratification unit Ø, mm Ø140 Ø140 Ø140 Ø140
Boiler heat carrier outlet С1, mm Rp11/2”/150 Rp11/2”/170 Rp11/2”/170 Rp11/2”/235
Boiler heat carrier outlet С2, mm Rp11/2”/150 Rp11/2”/170 Rp11/2”/170 Rp11/2”/235
Boiler heat carrier outlet C3, mm Rp11/2”/150 Rp11/2”/170 Rp11/2”/170 Rp11/2”/235
Outlet heat carrier/lower coil S1 S1o, mm Rp1”/325 Rp1”/350 Rp1”/390 Rp1”/445
Boiler heat carrier С4, mm Rp1”/430 Rp1”/470 Rp1”/500 Rp1”/690
Boiler heat carrier С5, mm Rp11/2”/1030 Rp11/2”/1050 Rp11/2”/1210 Rp11/2”/1405
Boiler heat carrier С6, mm Rp11/2”/1030 Rp11/2”/1050 Rp11/2”/1210 Rp11/2”/1405
Heat carrier intlet С7, mm Rp11/2”/1450 Rp11/2”/1550 Rp11/2”/1740 Rp11/2”/1820
Heat carrier intlet C8, mm Rp11/2”/1450 Rp11/2”/1550 Rp11/2”/1740 Rp11/2”/1820
Inlet heat carrier/lower coil S1 S1i, mm Rp1”/775 Rp1”/845 Rp1”/930 Rp1”/1045
Heat carrier intlet C11, mm Rp11/2”/1360 Rp11/2”/1410 Rp11/2”/1570 Rp11/2”/1720
Sensor sleeve А1, mm Rp1/2”/540 Rp1/2”/590 Rp1/2”/620 Rp1/2”/800
Sensor sleeve А2, mm Rp1/2”/650 Rp1/2”/710 Rp1/2”/770 Rp1/2”/920
Sensor sleeve А3, mm Rp1/2”/1140 Rp1/2”/1160 Rp1/2”/1320 Rp1/2”/1520
Sensor sleeve А4, mm Rp1/2”/1420 Rp1/2”/1520 Rp1/2”/1700 Rp1/2”/1790
Boiler heat carrier / Electric heating element В, mm Rp11/2”/900 Rp11/2”/930 Rp11/2”/1050 Rp11/2”/1280
Air Vent F, mm Rp11/2”/1700 Rp11/2”/1840 Rp11/2”/2040 Rp11/2”/2170
Inlet/outlet DHW coil (tube) Еi/Eo, mm
250/1480 270/1590 310/1760 345/1850
Thermometer T оption
Electric Heater оption
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