Suitable for heating greenhouses, warehouses, poultry farms and other industrial premises.

Hot air generator with automated process. Three-pass heat exchange on the exhaust gases. Thanks to the universal retort cast iron burner, the following fuels can be used: coal, wood pellets, agro pellets.

Kit includes:

  • Air Generator Body

  • Fuel hopper

  • Cast iron retort burner

  • Fuel feeder

  • Automated combustion process control

  • Powerful heat exchanger fan

Available sizes, kW:

  • 200

Product Features:

Controller functions:

  • Automatic control of the combustion process.

  • Control of the heat exchanger fan according to the room temperature.

  • Universal retort burner. Features:

  • The possibility of burning different types of fuel (wood pellets, coal, agropellets).

  • A stirring mechanism that prevents slag formation.

  • Sturdy cast iron burner body.

  • Long service life and easy maintenance.

Boiler combustion chamber:

  • Maximized heat exchanger surface due to tube heat exchanger.

Air jacket:  

  • Maximizes the combustion chamber for maximum utilization of the heat released.

Fuel hopper:

  • The hopper is mounted on the side of the generator.
  • Airtight lid closing
  • Built-in screen to prevent large pieces of fuel from falling.


  •  Convenient doors with large overall dimensions make it easy to clean and maintain the generator.


  •  High temperature mineral wool 100 mm thick.


Safety devices

  • The controller monitors and regulates the temperature in the body of the generator.  

  • Additional thermostats control the heat exchanger according to the temperature in the generator and theroom temperature.

  • The combustion sensor stops the fuel supply to the burner if the optimum temperature in the generator is exceeded.


Temperature relief valve connected to the water tank by a soft connection. This prevents the fuel from burning itself in the hopper in the event of a backfire.

Technical specifications

Model HAG 200
Nominal heat output kW 200
Height(H) x Lenght(C) H, С, mm 2255 x 2993
Width(L) x Depth(D) L,D, mm 2282 x 1925
Width of boiler body N, mm 1310
Outlet air pressure Pa 500
Outlet air velocity m/s 18.5
Outlet air flow rate m3/h 12.5
Cold air inlet А, ø/mm 630
Hot air outlet B, ø/mm 490
Air outlet tube height Е, mm 1940
Necessary draft of the chimney Pa/mbar 30 (±30%)
Chimney F, ø/mm 295
Average temperature of the exhaust gases 240
Maximum hopper volume Liter 400
Fuel consumption at max. power kg/h 30.5
Power consumption at maximum power kW/h 6
Working voltage V/Hz 380/50
Weight kg 1800
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