Buffer tank SPBM – without coil

Accumulates the heat generated by boiler; recommended for each
space-heating system.
Ensures optimum operating mode of biomass boiler, permitting its functioning at nominal power output even when the heating system does not need all the heat energy produced thereby.
Produced heat is accumulated and stored inside the buffer tank and can be used even when the boiler itself has cooled down.

Buffer tank design allows heat distribution of layers through integrated dividing plate and distribution plate (water stratification unit).


Energy Efficiency
Aesthetic PVC jacket
Easy installation
Primer coated
Optional kit for electric heating

Product Features:

  • Optional removable insulation with thickness 100mm and outer casing of  PVC with RAL 9006 color.

Insulation type available for all models: soft PU , fleece.
Insulation type available for H* models: rigid PU.

  • Dividing plate (Separator). Distribution plate (water stratification unit).
  • Multi-position mounting of temperature sensor
  •  Primer coated on the outside of the tank
  • All threads are internal
  • Inlet/Outlet arrangement: 90 angle degrees for easy and convenient  installation. Possible installation in the corner of boiler room
  •  Easy installation.
  • Optional kit for electric heating with nominal power  3kW, 4.5kW, 6kW or 7.5kW

Modifications and sizes, L:

  • 300, 500, 800, 1000, 1500, 2000

Energy Efficiency

  • Directive 2010/30 /EU, Regulation 812/2013:
  • Class C, according to the insulation type and volume.


1 – Aesthetic PVC jacket with color RAL 9006
2 – Primer coated outer surface
3 – Removable insulation
4 – Water tank of low-carbon steel
5 – Dividing plate (Separator)
6 – Distribution plate (water stratification unit)

Technical characteristics

Height without insulation / with insulationH, Hi, mm1410/14601700/17501838/18882039/20892140/22902131/2181
Minimal vertical clearancemm143017271877207321922220
Diameter without insulation /with insulationD, mmØ 550/750Ø 650/850Ø 790/990Ø 790/990Ø 1000/1200Ø 1200/1400
Operating pressure/Max. buffer temperaturebar/0C3/953/953/953/953/953/95
Recommended boiler size, connected to buffer tankkW6-1010-1715-2718-3327-5036-67
Weight without insulation/with insulationkg, kg i60/7081/93108/125126/144205/228254/281
Sleeve for Electric heating elementВ, mm, Rp 11/2”8609971090126012601308
Heat carrierС1, mm, Rp11/2”240239290290339388
Heat carrierС2, mm, Rp11/2”240239290290339388
Heat carrierС3, mm, Rp11/2”550643710775833848
Heat carrierС4, mm, Rp11/2”550643710775833848
Heat carrierС5, mm, Rp11/2”8609971090126013271308
Heat carrierС6, mm, Rp11/2”8609971090126013271308
Heat carrierС7, mm, Rp11/2”117014511750175018211768
Heat carrierС8, mm, Rp11/2”117014511750175018211768
Sensor sleeveА1, mm, Rp1/2”240239290290339388
Sensor sleeveА2, mm, Rp1/2”550643710775833848
Sensor sleeveА3, mm, Rp1/2”8609971090126013271308
Sensor sleeveА4, mm, Rp1/2”117014511750175018211768
Air vent sleeveF, mm, Rp11/2”141017002039203921402131
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