BURNiT WB + Pell Eco + FH300

If you are already convinced of the advantages of the pellet boilers, but still do not want to give up traditional heating of solid fuel, BURNiT has the perfect solution for you. The specially developed system, including a BURNiT WB / WBS solid fuel boiler, a BURNiT Pell / Pell Eco pellet burner and a BURNiT FH 300 pellet hopper, is a universally high-tech heating appliance, that works  efficiently with both pellets and wood, wood briquettes and coal.

Pellet burner BURNiT Pell Eco

The steel boiler has a high-effective insulation that prevents heat loss, and the combustion chamber is completely surrounded by a water jacket to fully absorb the heat. Depending on the specific needs of each room or building, you can choose a boiler with a capacity of 20 to 110 KW.

The mounted pellet burner has an integrated microprocessor control, precisely controlling the combustion process and guaranteeing optimal fuel burning. The burner has a self-cleaning function, which in combination with the autonomous fuel supply from the hopper significantly reduces the time and frequency of service and charging.

BURNiT FH 300 pellet hopper

Thanks to its precise combustion process, easy service and impressive efficiency of over 90%, BURNIT WB + PELL + FH 300 deserves to be one of the best solutions for heating medium and large homes, business and industrial buildings. Guaranteed security and the long-term use of BURNIT branded products, combined with low fuel consumption and affordability make the set the preferred choice for consumers not only in Bulgaria but across Europe.

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