Wood-chips/pellets boiler BURNiT CB

Steel Combined boiler satisfy the heating demands of large sized spaces as public and industrial buildings. Boiler СВ 160kW is easy to transport and installation even its impressive size. Intelligent controller. Lambda control. Direct connection to closed or open loop heating system.
Ecological and highly-efficient combined boiler designed for firing wood-chips/ pellets.
As an alternative fuels can be used: agri-pellets or dry fruit pits (cherries, plums, olives, crushed nut shells of apricots and ect.).

Tested and approved according to EN 303-5, class 5.


Maximum operating pressure of 3 bar
Automated cleaning of the boiler
Intelligent controller
STB thermostat
Built in discharge mechanism

Product Features:

  • Maximum operating pressure of 3 bar.
  • Capable to feed a large-scale heating system.
  • Intelligent controller controls central heating pump, DHW (domestic hot water) pump for and buffer tank.
  • Lambda control for efficient combustion process.
  • Ceramic side panels which supply an additional quantity of air and also isolating the burner, assist the combustion process.
  • Burner is connected laterally of the boiler. The burner has a mechanical moving grates and so can use different fuel types (wood-chips, pits, wood-pellets, agri-pellets).
  • Automated cleaning of the boiler.
  • Mechanical cleaning of the burner.
  • Convenient inspection door.
  • Chimney with an option for 45 degree rotation – 5 positions for convenient connection.
  • Built in discharge mechanism drives the ash and soot into a rolling container.

Available sizes, kW:

  • 160

Safety devices

  • STB thermostat.
  • Thermostatic protection (80°С).
  • Safety thermostatic valve (95°C).
  • Fuse 16A.
  • Phase Monitoring Relay.
  • In case of power interruption, all parameter settings are stored in the memory of the controller.


1 – Housing
2 – High efficiency thermal insulation
3 – Cleaning system of the exhaust gas tubes
4 – Hot water outlet
5 – Water mantle (jacket)
6 – Inspection door
7 – Exhaust gases tubes ash discharge system
8 – Combustion chamber protected by ceramic plates
9 – Combustion chamber ash discharge system
10 – Rolling ash-and-soot container
11 – Chimney, 45 degree rotation and 5 positions
12 – Cold water inlet
13 – Electric control box with controller
14 – Burner with auger mechanism
15 – Transportation openings

For burning of wood-chips or fruit pits and crushed nut shells (as an alternative fuel) a modular auger mechanism must be installed to the CB boiler.
This modular auger mechanism is with length 5m, and fuel mixing system with diameter up to 4m.
For burning of wood-pellets or agri-pellets (as an alternative fuel) an auger for pellets must be installed to the CB boiler.

Technical specifications

Rated power / Minimum ÷ Maximum power kW 160 / 45÷160
Height boiler H / chimney height H1 Mm 1900 / 2100
Width boiler L / L1 torch mm 1100/1840
depth D mm 2400
Volume water jacket L 480
Volume combustion chamber / smoky room L 400/250
Required chimney draft Pa/mbar 20÷30 /0.20÷0.30
Insulation – boiler
high heat-resistant wool 100 mm, by laminated aluminum foil
Recommended fuel Option burning chips

or nut (alternative)

wood chips, EN 14961-4
Class A1, A2; P16, P315, P45A,
humidity of 35%.
fruit stones, crushed nutshells.
Recommended fuel Option burning pellets
or agropeleti (alternative)
wood pellets, 6 ÷ 8 mm
Power supply voltage 400V/ 50Hz /16A
Temperature of exhaust gases in operation °C <165
Operating temperature range °C 65-85
Minimum temperature of the returning coolant °C 60
Working pressure Bar 3
weight Kg 2000
Login cold water A, mm G 2″ / 635
Exit hot water B, mm G 2″ / 1950
chimney F, ø /mm
H1 / H2 / H3, mm
H4 / H5, mm
2125 / 1900 /1545
2080 / 1795
draining Y, mm G ½“/470
Fan flue gas V yes
Inspection door N yes
Eyepiece for monitoring the combustion process O yes
Burner with screw mechanism Z yes
Inflow of air:
Grouting fan – primary air
Servozadvizhka valve with secondary air
Automatic removal of soot from the smoke tubes T yes
Automatic removal of ash from the burner P yes
Flexible container for ashes and soot X connects to the boiler via fasteners
Electrical panel controller U yes
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