Solid fuel boiler BURNiT WBS AC Magna

от 18 170,00 лв.

Steel solid fuel boilers satisfy the heating demands of large sized spaces as public and industrial buildings.

WBS AC Magna s equipped with intelligent controller and two fans with safety flaps to manage the incoming air.
Owing to its smart design WBS AC Magna is easy to transport and install in spite of its dimensions.
Direct connection to closed or open loop heating system.
Ready for fitting with pellet burner.

Tested and approved according to EN 303-5.


Maximum operating pressure of 4 bar
Easy installation
Demountable housing
STB thermostat
Opening on the loading door for fitting of pellet burner


  • Electronic control unit controls the combustion by modulating the fan speed. Optional control of circulation pumps for central heating and domestic hot water (DHW).
  • Maximum operating pressure of 4 bar.
  • Capable to feed a large-scale heating system.
  • Combustion chamber with large heat exchanging surface and low chamber resistance.
  • The combustion chamber features three-pass flue-gas flow. The mantle fully covers the flue exhaust tubes for optimal heat transfer.
  • Large firebox door ensures easy loading even with bigger logs (up to 1.5 meter long).
  • Convenient inspection door in the upper part of the boiler ensures easy cleaning of the flue exhaust tubes.
  • Eyepiece for viewing the combustion process.
  • Demountable housing.
  • Opening on the loading door for fitting of pellet burner.

Available sizes, kW:

  • 450

Safety devices

  • Pressure relief valve 4 bar not incl. in the set.
  • Connection to a safety line in case of overheating.
  • STB thermostat.
  • Valves fitted on both fans.
  • Chimney draught flap.


1 – Hot water outlet
2 – Safety line
3 – Housing
4 – High efficiency thermal insulation
5 – Fume exhaust tubes
6 – Water mantle (jacket)
7 – Three-pass flue gas flow
8 – Combustion chamber
9 – Metal grate
10 – Transportation openings
11 – Door for ash removal
12 – Opening on the loading door for fitting of pellet burner
13 – Loading door
14 – Inspection door
15 – Flue
16 – Cold water inlet
17 – Air-feed fans
18 – Drain

Technical characteristics

rating kW 450
Minimum / Maximum power kW 330÷450
height H mm 2590
Width L / D Depth mm 1140/2600
Volume water jacket L 1300
Volume combustion chamber L 1000
Resistance combustion chamber Pa/mbar 23/0.23
Required chimney draft Pa/mbar 50/0.50
recommended fuel firewood, humidity 20%
wood briquettes
wood + coal;
wood + fruit stones
Maks.dalzhina of wood loading m 1,5
Time to burn partially /
full load
час 5.5/3.5
Operating temperature range °C 65÷85
Min. temperature of the returning coolant °C 60
Temp. the source gases servant. regime °C 150÷180
Power Consumption W 760
Power supply voltage V/Hz 230/50
Working pressure Bar 4
weight kg 3100
Login cold water A, mm DN 125/ 500
Exit hot water B, mm DN 125/ 1700
safety line К1, mm
К2, mm
DN 50/800
DN 50/1700
chimney F, ø/mm
J, mm
ø 450/2170
Manhole chimney O1, mm
O2, mm
Pipe valve for adjusting the draft G да
Loading door N, mm 650х700
Inspection door P, mm 1100х1000
Door cleaning R, mm 890х260
blowers W1/W2, mm 1450 / 1450
Switch board and management U да
Eyepiece for monitoring the combustion process V да
draining Y1/Y2, mm G1½“/150
Hole assembly burner (optional) Z да
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