Solar evacuated tube collector SUNSYSTEM VTC

от 680,00 лв.

For domestic water heating and space heating support

Heat Pipe technology, excellent insulation performance of vacuum and maximum capture of solar radiation makes evacuated tube collectors cost-effective solution for any solar installation.


Aesthetic design
Selective coating
Non-corrodible and sustainable materials
Long service life


  • Evacuated tubes of heat-tempered borosilicate glass.
  • Selective coating for efficient sunlight absorption.
  • Heat transfer plates resistant to high temperatures of stagnation.
  • Copper heat-carrier tubes type Heat PipeTU 1. The pipe system is manufactured with a minimum number of welds for perfect air-tightness and reduced deposits accumulation possibility.
  • Both outlets of Manifold pipe can be connected as heat-carrier input or output in any direction.

  • Temperature sensor can be mounted left or right, depending on the position of the heat-carrier outlet.
  • High-efficiency insulation of collector pipe.
  • Mounting options for flat roof, sloped roof or facade. Easy for transportation, installation and maintenance. Evacuated tube collectors continue to perform even in case of one or more broken tubes. Possibility to connect multiple SUNSYSTEM VTC collectors in a system.
  • Resistance to wind, hail, snow and dust.
Dry evacuated tube solar collectors made by Heat Pipe technology are characterized by their high efficiency: improved heat-absorbing capacity of collector, low heat losses and stable performance in harsh climate conditions. Temperature sensor can be mounted left or right, depending on the position of the heat-carrier outlet.
The Heat Pipe itself is a compound of two concentric glass tubes with evacuated space between them. The inner tube surface is covered with selective coating allowing maximum absorption of sunlight and high performance efficiency. Through the center of the heat pipe runs a hollow copper tube, inside which begins the process of evaporation of non-toxic fluid that transfers the heat to the tube top and then releases it to the collector pipe to heat up the heat-carrier inside. Then the process repeats over and over again.




VTC VTC 15 VTC 20 VTC 30
Number of vacuum tubes бр 15 20 30
height H mm 1980 1980 1980
Width L / Depth D mm 1190/125 1570/125 2300/125
total surface m2 2.36 3.11 4.55
aperture surface m2 1.412 1.882 2.824
The absorption surface m2 1.215 1.62 2.429
Heat carrier PG 50%
(freezing point: -34°С)
volume coolant L 0.94 1.24 1.82
coolant flow L/m2h 60÷80 60÷80 60÷80
Material of vacuum tubes Toughened borosilicate glass
Material / type of profile frame Aluminium / adjustable
Material of plastic parts UV resistant plastic RAL 9005
Material / type of transfer agents pipes Copper / Heat pipe TU 1
Coated absorber selective coating
Collection manifold – box / insulation E Anodized aluminum / 30 mm PU foam
Efficiency ƞ0a to apert.povarhnost % 66
Heat loss coefficient A1A W/(m2K) 1.500
Heat loss coefficient A2A W/(m2K2) 0.020
Factor KƟT / ƟL at an angle of 50 ° 0,92/1,43
Temperature stagnation tstg °С 221
Max. work temperature °С 180
Test pressure / pressure Maks.Rabotno Bar 25/12
Loss of pressure Δr Pa 150 200 600
weight kg 43 57 86
Diameter / length vacuum tube K, Ø,mm Ø 58/1800
Distance between vacuum tubes J, mm 75
Diameter / number of transfer agents pipes Ø, mm/ Бр. 14/15 14/20 14/30
Type / diameter of the collecting pipe Ø, mm Copper / Ø 22
Input / Output coolant N,O
Ø, mm
Ø 22
Nest Temperature Sensor S, Ø, mm 8
pipe holders P, бр. 15 20 30
number of terminals 2
Maximum Number of collectors connected in a chain / total installed area бр/m2 8/20.14 7/22.85 6/28.2
Standard EN 12975: 2006-06 yes
Certificate CEN – Keymark No 011-7S1807-R yes