Pellet Stove BURNiT Comfort 25

от 3 304,00 лв.

Pellet Stove BURNiT Comfort 25 is a convenient heating solution. Does not require a separate boiler room. Pellet stove is easy to install, space-saving, equipped with convenient electronic control. Simplicity and elegance for a living room, a restaurant or a hotel lobby. Heated and decorated room overlooking the living fire.

The combustion chamber of pellet stove is protected by large surface heat-exchanger (water jacket). It contributes to better efficiency of pellet stove.


Clean and fuel-saving combustion
Contemporary design. Colors: Ivory, Bordeaux and Black
Intelligent controller.
Ceramic igniter
For central space heating of living premises

Recommended fuel

  • wood-pellets, diameter 6÷8 mm , EN ISO 17225-2:2014

Controller features

  • Installing and use simplicity.
  • Reliable and flexible functioning software.
  • Simple and direct user’s functions.
  • Advanced functions available for an authorized installer / service shop.
  • Connectors.
  • Exhausting Temperature Probe until 500°C.
  • Room Temperature Probe (option).
  • Stove Probe.

Controller Functions

  • Settings of pellet fueling.
  • Controls the operation of central heating pump.
  • Controls the Operating Modes of pellet stove.
  • Weekly programmer.


1 – Controller
2 – Cover of pellet hopper
3 – Pellet hopper
4 – Heat-resistant glass
5 – Door lock
6 – Ash container
7 – Pellet burner
8 – Power supply
9 – Decorative side panels

Technical characteristics

Nominal heat outputkW25 kW
Reduced heat outputkW11 kW
Power heat water jacketkW21,5 kW
height Hmm1100
Width L / D Depthmm580/680
Exit / Entrance water jacketNipple ø 1”
Electric Power / Power electric partV/Hz/W230/50/150
Capacity pellet hopperkg22
Pipe incoming air / exhaust gas  – Flue connectionmmø40 / ø80
Temperature exhaust gas°С<180
Average fuel consumption per hourh/kg4
Time to burn a full tank pellets paximum powerh6
CO content in the flue gas calculated at 13% O2 at nominal heat outputh/kg0,02%
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