Pellet boiler BURNiT Pell EASY XL

Integrated pellet burner, fuel hopper for wood-pellets,

circulating pump for central heating and expansion vessel.

Manual cleaning system of fume exhaust tubes.

Designed to burn wood-pellets.
Tested and approved according to EN 303-5, class 5.

Product Features:

Ecological and highly-efficient pellet boiler for heating of
small to medium sized spaces.

Compact and easy to install and maintenance.
Manual cleaning system of fume exhaust tubes.
Microprocessor controller
Optional equipment: WiFi module. Operated by mobile application for Android or iOS.

Product Features:

  • Microprocessor controller. Functions:

Automatic ignition and pellet feed;
Self-cleaning function of burner;
Controls the integrated pump for heating system;
Ability to control the pump for domestic hot water (DHW);
Controls by room thermostat;
Controls boiler operations by buffer tank temperature; Exhaust gas temperature sensor.

  • Temperature sensor to monitor boiler temperature.
  • Temperature sensor to monitor water heater temperature.
  • Temperature sensor to monitor buffer tank temperature. 
  • Fume exhaust fan of the boiler.
  • Water mantle embraces the combustion chamber in full to utilize the emitted  heat most efficiently.
  • Manual cleaning system of fume exhaust pipes.
  • Pellet burner is built into the boiler. Easy to maintain..
  • Built-in fuel hopper for wood-pellets.
  • Integrated circulation pump for central heating.
  • Integrated expansion vessel.
  • Eyepiece for viewing the combustion process.

Available sizes, kW:

  • 35

Safety devices:

  •  STB thermostat would extinguish the boiler and stop fuel feeding in case of abnormal temperature increase.
  • The design of fuel feed system prevents backfire entry from burner into the pellet hopper.
  • Thermostatic protection (80°С) – into the fuel feed system, prevents backfire.
  • Fuse 10А;
  •  In case of power interruption, all parameter settings are stored in controller memory.

Elements BURNiT Pell Easy:

1. Microprocessor controller
2. Inspection hatch
3. Fuel hopper hatch
4. Top loading hatch of fuel hopper
5. Manual cleaning system of
fume exhaust pipes.
6. Water mantle (jacket)
7. Fume exhaust tubes with turbulators
8. Housing
9. High efficiency thermal insulation
10. Pellet burner
11. Ash-and-soot container
12. Levelling feet
13. Hot water outlet
14. Cold water inlet
15. Flue
16. Incoming air pipe

Technical characteristics:


Pell Easy XL
Rated power kw 29
Minimum / Maximum power kw 8.7 – 29
Height (Н) mm 1260 ± 15
Width (L) x Depth (D) 625 – 790 1100/770
Water jacket volume L 45
Fuel cell volume L 14,6
Required chimney draft Pa / mbar 17/0.17
Working pressure bar 3
Enter cold water A, mm R1”/485
Exit hot water B, mm R1”/560
Chimney F. o/mm ø100/420
Operating temperature range C 55-85
Power supply voltage V / Hz / A 230/50/2
Weight kg 370
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